About us

bkupline team

Backuplines is an outsourcing & language support service company in Barcelona. Our small international team of specialists comes from the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States; while we can count on more than a hundred freelancers all over the world. Backuplines also regularly employs interns from various countries to give them a chance to experience the real business world.

Backuplines can be seen as a company with two businesses. The core business contains the language services, many of which from a distance, and we have been proving ourselves in this market since 1995. On the other side of Backuplines there is the part that is offering outsourcing services, this part has been developed over the last few years to position Backuplines in a new market, ready to take on new challenges.

With a dual bookkeeping in Spain we can invoice with and without VAT. Training and education without VAT and translations and other professional services with VAT. Invoices to clients like REVLON in the USA do not pay VAT either as the work is done outside the USA and by a foreign company.

Do you want to know more about Backuplines and its services? Please contact us or read the available information on our site.

Backuplines mission statement: we want to be your ¨LifeLong¨ BackUp!