Outsourcing Services in Barcelona


2014 – The year of growth

In 2014 Backuplines decided to extend its services. In a time of new technological trends, the company attended the World Mobile Congress in February this year. As a member of the local 22@ Association, it has had requests to represent companies from India and, of course, The Netherlands. Backuplines uses their network of freelancers to its full capacity. As a result, Backuplines is in a position to take on other responsibilities to serve its clients and network of partners, and create the ultimate Distance Outsourcing BackUp for you.

OVERLOADED with work sometimes?

UNDERSTAFFED for occasional projects?

MISSING OFFICE SPACE for a special meeting?

NO PRESENCE in Spain disrupts your business?

A STARTUP looking for clients?

Instead of spending time solving all kinds of odd problems and relying on company A or company B, Backuplines operates in all fields and makes sure you will never have to worry about any of your outsourced tasks.

Cooperation with specialists from specific areas


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