One-To-One Cources

Would you like to improve your knowledge of Spanish or English? This is very easy at Backuplines. We offer several language courses, each tailored to your level, learning pace and personal preference. Backuplines is a firm believer in ¨Learning by Doing¨; our philosophy is that you learn a foreign language like you learn a sport: by practicing a lot. That is why the focus of the language courses lies in improving your listening and speaking skills. Before you begin the group course, we determine your starting level by means of an oral test.

One-to-one course

During the one-to-one course you will practice your oral skills with a teacher in your company. Because there are no other students present, you will have the full attention of the teacher during these individual classes. The classes can therefore be tailored to exactly fit your level, vocabulary and learning pace. This increases their effectiveness and you will reach your goals faster. Each class lasts 55 minutes. At your request you can receive homework exercises and a summary of the lesson. You can begin the course any time of year. You can also opt for some telephone classes, independent from the regular course offered.

In combination with this language courses, Backuplines also offers telephone courses. These courses can be taken from the comfort of your own living room or office.

Interested in our language courses? Please contact us for more information.


Languages: Spanish, English, Dutch, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Levels: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, Business, Preparation for exams & presentations.