Presencial language coursesPresencial language courses

Backuplines offers a wide variety of language solutions; this includes the teaching of different languages. Would you like to improve your knowledge of Spanish or English? With LEARNING BY DOING this is very easy and effective at Backuplines. We offer several individual language courses, each tailored to your level, learning pace and personal preference. Backuplines is a firm believer in “Learning by Doing”; our philosophy is that you learn a foreign language like you learn a sport: by practicing a lot. Before you begin your course, we determine your starting level by means of an oral test.

To optimize your comfort Backuplines offers these courses in many different ways. When looking at the Presencial Language Courses (the courses where teacher and student regularly meet each other) Backuplines offers One-to-one courses, group courses by means of in-company classes.

Don’t you have the time to meet your teacher in person on a regularly basis? Maybe some of our Distance Language Courses can suit your needs. Please have a look, and do not forget that you can always ask us any questions through the contact form.