Spoken Language services


Backuplines can be of service when you need an interpreter. Are you going to a congress but don’t speak the common language? Do you have a business appointment with someone who doesn’t speak your language? Backuplines is there for you.

Our Interpreting BackUp can be used for different purposes. You can find a brief overview displayed below:

  • Simultaneous interpreting: simultaneous interpreting in pairs is mainly used in a booth for large conferences with an international audience. The interpreter sits in a booth/cabin and translates instantly into the preferred language.
  • Whispered interpreting: whispered interpreting is a form of simultaneous interpreting without a cabin, but it is only done if there are a limited number of listeners (maximum of 3 persons) who require interpreting.
  • Consecutive interpreting: with consecutive interpreting the interpreter waits until the speaker pauses. During this break the interpreter translates what was said. Certain parts are often summarized.
  • Telephone interpreting: if no interpreter can be present, there is the possibility of interpreting by telephone of teleconference with the use of the speaker option. This method of interpreting is not possible in all situations.

Interpreting BackUp is possible for every event.

Backuplines interprets to and from Spanish, English, Dutch, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. Also, with the help of our team of freelancers we can interpret to and from every possible language at very competitive prices. We can also arrange the audio ports, cabin installations and hostesses for your big projects.

Would you like to make use of our Interpreting BackUp? Want to compare prices with your current supplier’s? Feel free to contact us for more information.